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Translation software review “The implementation function of the translation commands inside Office is very useful…”PC Magazine
Translation tool review “Good translation quality and several languages included in a single product…”PC World
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9 Jan 2013 : IdiomaX updates the Translator for Android Smartphones and Tablets
9 Jan 2013 : IdiomaX launches a Verb Conjugator for Nokia S40 Smartphones
22 Nov 2011 : IdiomaX sells IdiomaX Products for Kindle Fire at Amazon Store
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New 2017 "Translation Software That's Accurate, Intuitive and Affordable"

Have you tried to get a document translated lately? $50 a page or more for human language translation! Most small businesses, students and at-home workers need something more affordable, convenient and that offers a faster turnaround time. So we created language translation software that's good, fast and economical. It gives everyone a way to tackle daily translation tasks in the office or on the move. Our translation software and free online language translator tools help you understand and be understood in multiple languages: English, Spanish (Castilian), French and Italian.

Language Translation Software for Everyone:

  • Translate words, phrases, or entire documents.

  • Translate websites.

  • Translate emails.

  • Translate text from MS Office programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.

And yes, you can take it with you! IdiomaX has the only mobile translator that works with Pocket PCs, PDAs, Cell Phones, Smartphones and Tablet PCs compatible with Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile operative systems. All of a sudden, the whole world really is in your hands.

Translation Software Products between English, Spanish, Italian and French

IdiomaX Office Translator 7.0

MS Office translation software  
Do you mainly work with MS Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access? Then the Office Translator is the partner you need at your side, making you shine with every translation task.
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IdiomaX Translation Suite 7.0

Translate words  
A bundle of 5 translation products that work everywhere and with every application. If you translate lots of webpages, emails and documents in multiple formats, the Suite does it all. And because it's bundled, you save.
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Offline Translator for iPhones and iPads

iPhone translator software  
No matter where you roam, you'll never be lost for words. The iOS Offline Translator enables your iPhone or iPad compatible with iOS 4.0 and 5.0 to translate texts, look up words, and conjugate verbs on the go. It's the killer app for your busy life! Internet connection is NOT required.
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IdiomaX Mobile Translator 6.0 for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Android translation app  
Hit the ground running with an Android Offline Translator that's fast and accurate. If you spend a lot of time on the move, the Android Translator is going to become your faithful sidekick. It converts your Nexus, Motorola, HTC, LG, ASUS, Samsung or Acer Smartphone or Tablet PC running the Android operating system into a translation device; a multilingual dictionary and verb conjugator come along for the ride. Internet connection is NOT required.
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IdiomaX Mobile Translator 6.0 for Nokia Smartphones

IdiomaX Mobile Translator 6.0 for Nokia Smartphones  
Our translation for Nokia Smartphones turns your Symbian^3 or Symbian S60 compatible mobile device into a handy mobile translator, letting you translate text in real time, look up words and phrases in language dictionaries, and conjugate verbs in five different languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French and German), all while you're on the go. Ideal for busy people at work, school, home or travelling.