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Translator Program for Schools and Government Agencies

Buying translation software for multiple users such as schools or government departments can get very expensive very fast... but there's a remedy for that. Two, actually. You can get our dedicated IdiomaX Translation Server. Or you can take advantage of our multi-user licensing discount (50% off. Contact us for details). Either way, the IdiomaX products listed below will save you money and installation time. They'll give your users the ability to translate text from all sorts of applications – web pages, e-mails, word documents – without having to install a translator program on each desktop.

Translation Software Tools

IdiomaX Translation Server 5.0 for Schools

Server translator program  
This system resides on your school's or institution's server so doesn't require individual PC installation. Students and staff tap into the translator program to understand texts, translate whole web pages, e-mail or chat with each other, look up words and phrases in the dictionary translator, and practice communicating in multiple languages. Schools and government agencies are eligible for multilicense discounts (50% off)

IdiomaX Translation Suite 7.0 for Schools

Translation tools for schools  
This Translation Suite packages five different translation tools into one super-functional product. The program integrates into MS Office applications so your users can translate documents, emails, web pages and use the dictionary translator for much more. Schools and government agencies are eligible for multilicense discounts (50% off).
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IdiomaX Office Translator 7.0 for Schools

Office Translator for schools  
Translate documents, web pages, e-mails and more right off the menu of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage and Access. Schools and government agencies are eligible for multilicense discounts (50% off).
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Translation software review “The implementation function of the translation commands inside Office is very useful…”PC Magazine
Translation tool review “Good translation quality and several languages included in a single product…”PC World
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