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Excellent! I learned Spanish on my own when I graduated from Tech school. It was hard at first! I wish I had this program back then, and I am certainly glad I have it now. By Franklin Smith
Your product is the best translation program that I have used. Thanks.By Ann Fitzgerald
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Translation Software That Makes You A Language Magician

No matter what sort of translation chore you need to get done, IdiomaX has the translation software that makes it look easy... because it is easy. Now you can quickly translate English, Spanish, French and Italian documents, web pages, spreadsheets, emails, chats, and more – and not just on your desktop PC, but on your mobile device, too.

Translation Software for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

IdiomaX Translation Suite 7.0

Translate words  
A bundle of 5 translation products that work everywhere and with every application. If you translate lots of webpages, emails and documents in multiple formats, the Suite does it all. And because it's bundled, you save.
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IdiomaX Office Translator 7.0

MS Office translation software  
Do you mainly work with MS Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access? Then the Office Translator is the partner you need at your side, making you shine with every translation task.
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IdiomaX Translator 7.0

Professional Translation Program  
You need more than just a dictionary. Your work with documents calls for an intelligent translation program that intuits grammar, syntax, idiomatic expressions etc. The Language Translator software can actually learn your patterns over time, resulting in progressively better translations.
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IdiomaX Web Translator 7.0

Web translator  
Finally, surf the web – the whole web - in your own language with this Internet Explorer-compatible web translator. Speedy translations while you navigate the net.
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IdiomaX Translation Assistant 7.0

Translation tool  
Like having a multilingual assistant with you at all times (without having to pay a salary!) Just copy text from e-mail, online chat or other application for instant translation. When you're in a hurry to understand or be understood, the Assistant is there.
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IdiomaX E-mail Translator 7.0

Outlook translator  
A necessity for those who communicate globally. Quickly and accurately translates incoming and outgoing e-mails in Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Windows Mail.
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Dictionaries for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

IdiomaX English-Spanish Dictionary 6.0

English to Spanish dictionary  
Ideal for students and businesses, this English-Spanish dictionary lets you translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs in an instant. So many more features than your average English to Spanish dictionary.
Read More... Buy English to Spanish dictionary Download English to Spanish convertor

IdiomaX Spanish-Italian Dictionary 6.0

Spanish to Italian dictionary  
Ideal for students and businesses, this Spanish-Italian dictionary lets you translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs in an instant. So many more features than your average Spanish to Italian dictionary.
Read More... Buy Spanish to Italian Traductor Download Spanish to Italian Translation

Translation Software for Microsoft Windows Server

IdiomaX Translation Server 5.0

Translation Server  
This system-wide server lets everyone in your network, whether at work or school, translate texts and communicate with each other in multiple languages.

Translators and Dictionaries for Mobile Devices

Offline Translator for iPhones and iPads

iPhone translation app  
Hit the ground running with an offline translator for iPhones and iPads that's fast and accurate. If you spend a lot of time on the move, the iOS Translator is going to become your faithful sidekick. It converts your iPhone or iPad into a translation device; a multilingual dictionary and verb conjugator come along for the ride. Internet connection is NOT required.
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Dictionary for iPhones and iPads

iPhone Dictionary app  
Ideal for students and businesses, this Dictionary for iPhone and iPad lets you translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs in an instant. So many more features than your average dictionary.
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Verb Conjugator for iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad Verb Conjugation app  
Now, you don't need to memorize those long conjugation tables anymore. With this Offline Verb Conjugator app for iPhones and iPads, you can conjugate verbs in 5 different languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French and German. ... all while you're on the go. Ideal for language learners at school, work, home or traveling. Internet connection is NOT required.
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