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Excellent! I learned Spanish on my own when I graduated from Tech school. It was hard at first! I wish I had this program back then, and I am certainly glad I have it now. By Franklin Smith
Your product is the best translation program that I have used. Thanks.By Ann Fitzgerald

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Foreign Language Translator For Wherever You Work

IdiomaX makes it easy to find the translation programs that best suit your needs with this handy solutions guide. Simply choose the "where" you'll be using it, and we'll tell you the "what" and the "how".

Translation Programs

Translation Programs for Home & Home Office

If you need a foreign language translator for your home office or for personal use, this is the place to find it. From translating a single word while you chat to converting a 20-page proposal into another language, we have the translation programs for any size task. (You'll also find online translation tools you can use for FREE.)

Translation Programs for Small Business & Corporations

Your computer user load has reached the point where it's time to think about ways to economize on software costs. IdiomaX offers translation servers and multi-user licensing at a discount... so your people can use a handy word translator for translating documents, web pages, emails, etc, while you save money and time.

Translation Programs for Schools & Government

As the world shrinks, dependable foreign language translators become more important. Now students and office workers can get access via a translation portal installed right on the school's or office's own servers. A full range of translation tools are right at their desktops but without the need for desktop installation. It's a time saver and a cost saver every organization should consider.

Mobile Translation Software

Suddenly, your Pocket PC, Tablet PC, PDA, Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad or Smartphone is speaking in tongues! Our Mobile Translator converts your mobile device into a word translator partner that travels wherever you do.
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Translation software review “The implementation function of the translation commands inside Office is very useful…”PC Magazine
Translation tool review “Good translation quality and several languages included in a single product…”PC World
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