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Excellent! I learned Spanish on my own when I graduated from Tech school. It was hard at first! I wish I had this program back then, and I am certainly glad I have it now. By Franklin Smith
Your product is the best translation program that I have used. Thanks.By Ann Fitzgerald
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Verb Conjugator for iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad Verb Conjugator Now, you don't need to memorize those long conjugation tables anymore. With this Offline Verb Conjugator app for iPhones and iPads, you can conjugate verbs in 5 different languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French and German. ... all while you're on the go. Ideal for language learners at school, work, home or traveling. Internet connection is NOT required.

Price: $0.99 USD

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Verb Conjugator for iPhones and iPads converts your Android iPhone or iPad into a Verb Conjugation device that goes everywhere you do. Conjugate verbs in five different languages without missing a beat in your busy schedule.

iPhone and iPad Verb Conjugation App You Take With You

It takes years to master just one language. The biggest challenge for most language learners is verb conjugation. Our iPhone or iPad Verb Conjugator app does the work for you in record time, providing conjugation in an instant. You get English, French, Spanish, Italian and German... all in the palm of your hand. If you spend a lot of time on the move, the iPhone or iPad Verb Conjugator is going to become your faithful sidekick. It converts your iPhone and iPad running the iOS operating system into a verb conjugation device.

With IdiomaX Offline Verb Conjugator for iOS, you can:

  • Conjugate Verbs in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

  • Learn a new language while commuting or during down time.

System Requirements

  • iOS 4.2 or higher.

  • Devices with 64 MB RAM and at least 5 MB free.

*iOS, iPod, iPhone and iPad are registered TradeMarks of Apple Corporation.
Buy IdiomaX Verb Conjugator at iTunes