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Excellent! I learned Spanish on my own when I graduated from Tech school. It was hard at first! I wish I had this program back then, and I am certainly glad I have it now. By Franklin Smith
Your product is the best translation program that I have used. Thanks.By Ann Fitzgerald

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Translation Software (Free Downloads)

You need more than just a dictionary. Your work with documents calls for an intelligent translation program that intuits grammar, syntax, idiomatic expressions etc. The Language Translator software can actually learn your patterns over time, resulting in progressively better translations.
Producto:   IdiomaX Translator 7.0   File Size:  46.1 MB

Download Times
56 Kbps: 01:52:23
128 Kbps: 00:56:11
256 Kbps: 00:28:05
512 Kbps: 00:14:02
1 Mbps: 00:07:01
2 Mbps: 00:03:30
Version:   7.0  
OS:   Microsoft 98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7  
RAM:   32 MB (64 MB recommended)  
HDD Space:   200 MB  
List Price:   $19.99 USD  
Price:   $19.99 USD  

Note: You can purchase the product now, or later directly from the program installed in your PC. A serial number will be sent to you via e-mail to register the product.
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Translation software review “The implementation function of the translation commands inside Office is very useful…”PC Magazine
Translation tool review “Good translation quality and several languages included in a single product…”PC World
30 days money-back guarantee Translation Software Product Comparison Compatible with Windows 7