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IdiomaX Translation Software and Services Press Releases

IdiomaX Introduces Innovative Software for Multilingual Translation

LUGANO, Switzerland, January 23, 2009 – IdiomaX LLC, a world leader in translation software technology, announces the launch of their new state of the art translation software package: IdiomaX Translation Suite 6.0.
IdiomaX has launched a translation software package that incorporates five of the company’s most popular language translation products. The IdiomaX Translation Suite 6.0, the company’s latest text translation software package, provides enhanced usability by offering more translation tools for more applications, than any competing product. It bundles five innovative translation products with improved features, accuracy, and applications. The following are just some of the IdiomaX Translation Suite’s language and document translation applications:
  • Translates emails within MS Outlook 2010, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

  • Translates web pages via Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • Translates MS Office XP, 2007 and 2010 content in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and FrontPage.

  • Translates long documents like white papers and briefs.

  • Translates short text like words and phrases.

  • Captures and translates texts inside any opened window.

The new IdiomaX Translation Suite is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and translates five different languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French and German) across seven language pairs, making it one of the most versatile translators on the market. The software’s ability to “learn” and store language patterns means it delivers increasingly accurate results the more it’s used. Specialized dictionaries in fields like medicine, commerce, law, and computer technology are built into the Suite for simplified translations of complex terminology. Translation memories store original and translated sentences for further use. Paolo Ravizzini, the CEO of IdiomaX L.L.C., believes that any company doing business in today’s global market place can benefit from operating the IdiomaX Translation Suite. “The Suite is a user-friendly language translation program that includes tools to translate documents from any word processor or Office application, as well as web page and email translations. There is also a convenient spell check function. Multilicense versions of the IdiomaX Translation Suite are available to businesses and educational institutions at reduced rates”, states Ravizzini. “Our website also offers a number of free online services to the public such as instant text translation, verb conjugation, and dictionary look-up.” adds Ravizzini. About IdiomaX L.L.C.: IdiomaX is a Swiss company that has been developing intelligent translation software for the international market since 1996. Its team of specialists in applied computing and natural language create intuitive software products that go beyond word-by-word translation, instead recognizing grammatical rule, patterns, and idiomatic expressions to deliver more accurate language translations. For more information about IdiomaX Translation Suite 6.0, please visit: ( Contact Information: Paolo Robbiano, Marketing Manager IdiomaX L.L.C. PO Box 4142 Via Simen 18 CH-6904 Lugano Switzerland Phone: +(41) 79 – 2467579 Fax: +(41) 91 – 9227439 Email: info @ # # #
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