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Convert Spanish to English

Convert Spanish to English with these amazing tools that translate documents, emails and webpages from your desktop or texts and phrases on the go.

Convert Spanish to English from Windows XP, Vista and 7

IdiomaX Translator 7.0

Translation program  
You deal in documents that need translation. And you don't want clumsy word by word translations – anyone can do that. You want the kind of accuracy you get from an intuitive, intelligent language translation software capable of analyzing complete sentences and making sense of linguistic quirks. Convert Spanish to English with this document translator's dream, speeding up tasks and boosting accuracy.
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Convert Spanish to English Sentences Online

Type or paste the sentence you want to convert Spanish to English using the clipboard and you will obtain instantly a translation gist.
Text to be translated:
Translated Text:


Convert Spanish to English Sentences from Mobile Devices

Press Review
Translation software review “The implementation function of the translation commands inside Office is very useful…”PC Magazine
Translation tool review “Good translation quality and several languages included in a single product…”PC World