Are You Ready To Be A Translation Wizard?

Are You Ready to Read and Write in Foreign Languages With A Mouse Click?

Then you're ready for IdiomaX E-mail Translator 7.0.

Once you have downloaded and begun using this comprehensive Translator software, your colleagues, boss, family and friends will marvel at your newfound confidence and language proficiency. You'll discover that it actually can be fun and not a chore to learn new languages like Italian, Spanish, French and German... and to have instant translation of words, sentences and whole documents right at your fingertips. Imagine how it will change your work life, your communications with friends far away, and your ability to meet new people!

Here's a recap of what our Translator will let you do:

  • Translate emails via taskbar icon.

  • Translate incoming and outgoing emails.

  • Select specialized dictionaries before translation.

  • Access to language dictionaries for quick look-up of words and phrases.

  • And much more...

IdiomaX E-mail Translator 7.0 is Now Only $49.95 (Regular $79.95)

And For Translation Software Users On the Move, Introducing...

The revolutionary IdiomaX Mobile Translator. It downloads easily onto your SmartPhone or Pocket PC and goes wherever you do. Stuck for a word or phrase when you're stuck in traffic? Need to translate an email at the lake or a document on a business trip? Mobile Translator is as close and convenient as your cell phone. Special Price Offer: You get 10% off the Mobile Translator when purchased with the IdiomaX E-Mail Translator.
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